An Architectural Overview of IBM Workload Deployer

An Architectural Overview of  IBM Workload Deployer

IBM Workload Deployer is one of the foundational elements of the IBM private cloud strategy. This appliance provides rapid adoption and deployment of both Infrastructure and Platform as Service offerings. It provides a proven path to better use existing IT resources by improving the efficiency and flexibility of these infrastructures. IBM Workload Deployer is the right solution for organizations seeking agility in response to a dynamic business environment.

This chapter introduces the IBM Workload Deployer and its capabilities. In addition, it describes the primary tools available to create custom content to be provisioned and managed by the appliance.
This paper is chapter 1 of "IBM Workload Deployer: Pattern-based Application and Middleware Deployments in a Private Cloud", SG24-8011. It has been made available separately for use by those who want a high level architectural view of IBM Workload Deployer. You can find the more information about building and deploying virtual systems and applications by downloading the full IBM Redbooks publication at

Table of contents

  • IBM Workload Deployer V3.1
  • IBM Workload Deployer patterns
  • The cloud
  • Administrative interfaces
  • Appliance settings
  • Tools for building custom assets

Download the Redbook here.

Draft Redpaper, last updated: Fri, 29 Jun 2012

IBM Redbook - Carla Sadtler / Zhi Xian Chen / Seiichiro Imazeki / Matthew Kelm / Simon Kofkin-Hansen / Zhi Qiang Kou / Bobby McChesney


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