Flexible Decision Automation for Your zEnterprise with Business Rules and Events

Flexible Decision Automation for Your zEnterprise with Business Rules and Events

The IBM® WebSphere® Operational Decision Management product family provides value to organizations that want to improve the responsiveness and precision of automated decisions. This decision management platform on IBM z/OS® provides comprehensive automation and governance of operational decisions that are made within mainframe applications. These decisions can be shared with other cross-platform applications, providing true enterprise decision management.

This IBM Redbooks® publication makes the case for using WebSphere Operational Decision Management for z/OS and provides an overview of its components. It is aimed at IT architects, enterprise architects, and development managers looking to build rule-based and business event-based solutions. We provide step-by-step guidance on getting started with business rules, and in creating business events, taking a scenario-based approach. This book provides detailed guidelines for testing and simulation, and it describes advanced options for decision authoring. Finally, we describe and document multiple runtime configuration options.

Table of contents
Chapter 1. The case for WebSphere Operational Decision Management
Chapter 2. Overview of WebSphere Operational Decision Management on z/OS
Chapter 3. Getting started with business rules
Chapter 4. Decision server events
Chapter 5. Managing business decisions through the full lifecycle
Chapter 6. Decision testing and simulation
Chapter 7. Advanced topics for decision authoring
Chapter 8. Runtime configuration options for Decision Server on z/OS
Appendix A. Additional material

Redbook, published: Wed, 4 Apr 2012

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IBM Redbook - Janet Wall / Chris Backhouse / Sebastien Brunot / Pierre Feillet / Mark Hiscock / Mike Johnson / Yongxin Pan / Wang Wenjie / Timothy Wuthenow