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  • User scenarios for desktop cloud computing

    Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

    Recently I decided to write about desktop cloud computing because I feel this area is still in the shadow of mighty “server cloud” topics shaping the modern IT industry and exciting the IT audience. Thinking about potential types of cloud desktops and underlying hypervisor technologies, I concluded that, in fact, the most interesting things happen around users themselves and their specific situations in a changing business environment.

  • IBM SmartCloud Enterprise unleashed

    Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

    A lot of information is available about IBM SmartCloud Enterprise capabilities, but it’s not always easy to find. This blog post contains an overview of the capabilities of, and how to use and configure IBM SmartCloud Enterprise to fit your business needs and add the most value.

    This blog post starts with generic information, and continues with more in-depth information about specific capabilities and use cases. The three most important sources of information, also used for most of the links in this post, are:

  • Revisiting use of the Java API for IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

    Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

    If your google-fu is strong, you’ll likely have found the previously posted “Introduction to the Java API” article. In my case, I started with an earlier article that gave a brief overview of the Java API and later found the introduction article.

  • Cloud versus open source

    Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

    Is cloud computing against open source? Is it true that it locks users into proprietary, non-open source software?  Is cloud computing “standard?”

    Cloud computing is a model for enabling cost effective business outcomes through the use of shared application and computing services. The value, if possible, is better economics in the execution of business processes. Adopting a standard approach can help in reaching this level of efficiency.

  • SAP in the cloud: Does that make sense?

    Montag, 16. Juli 2012

    May 2012, SAP announced a new cloud computing strategy

    SAP offers one of the most common workload solutions in Europe and the US, and SAP already announced a new cloud strategy; SAP acquired Ariba, Inc., a software company, in May 2012 to strengthen SAP’s cloud capabilities.

    Lars Dalgaard, former CEO of SuccessFactors, which was taken over by SAP at the beginning of 2012, is now the leader for cloud computing at SAP; 5,000 SAP employees will work on development and delivery of cloud solutions in the future.

  • Does your virtualization platform matter?

    Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

    When IBM invented and implemented the virtualization concept back in the 1960s, it was all about getting more efficiency to share very costly hardware resources in this emerging main

  • July #cloudchat Recap: How does cloud drive sustainability?

    Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

    This month's #cloudchat focused on cloud and sustainability. Our featured panelists included analysts Stephen O'Donnell and Usman Sindhu, and IBMers Dave Bartlett and Bowman Hall. Join our next chat Aug. 9 from 4-5 p.m. ET! Continue reading

  • Mile high maintenance

    Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

    In early June, I attended the Colorado IBM Maximo users group hosted by the Denver International Airport (DIA).

  • Hey, Cloud! So you think you can manage and deliver multimedia content?

    Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

    I read a very interesting article from The Economist in 2009 that has some “food for thought.” The following excerpt is from that article:

  • Jumpstart your cloud: Using open source cloud software to build, deploy & manage in-premise clouds

    Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

    Open source and cloud computing – the best of both worlds. Interested? Read on then…