API Management

APIs are the fastest growing, business-influencing technology in the IT industry today. This API 101 doc provides an insight into the world of APIs, API economy and how APIs are transforming the businesses and industries.

You may have noticed that there’s been a lot of buzz lately in the API Management space with the high profile acquisitions of Mashery and Layer7, and the announcement of the IBM API Management product. You’re probably wondering, “What is API Management and why does my company need it?” This blog post outlines the current challenges businesses are confronting and how application programming interfaces (APIs) and API Management can help.

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  • In-App Chat with API Experts

    Donnerstag, 16. März 2017
  • Integrate IBM’s Cognitive Services with API Connect

    Donnerstag, 16. März 2017

    Within the assembly view in the API Connect designer it is possible to configure connections with IBM’s Cognitive services! With today’s businesses adapting and innovating at an unprecedented level and industries leveraging advanced technical capabilities, API Connect looks to reduce the time spent by companies building cognitive solutions.

  • Real-Time API Analytics with Splunk, SAP & others

    Donnerstag, 16. März 2017

    Analytics in API Connect can be streamed in real-time to 3rd party systems. This capability allows users to draw correlations with other data sources on a single platform, reducing the time between analysis, decision and action. The configuration process is done on a single page where the outputs and target end points are defined and data retention decisions are made.

  • API’s: Accelerating Innovative Business-to-Business Applications and Processes

    Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

    Brian Silverman, Sales and Marketing Leader, iSOA Group, Inc.

  • Forrester TEI Study Results Show 674% ROI

    Montag, 13. März 2017

    What is the ROI for an API initiative?


    The 674% ROI result for the IBM API Connect composite customer scenario in the Forrester study is quite large, but not very surprising.  For the last several years I have been meeting with clients in all industries, of all sizes, and in all parts of the world discussing how APIs can help their business.  The possibilities are truly amazing and the business leaders I talk to recognize these significant opportunities.  Still, we needed a better way to demonstrate these potential returns to a larger audience.



  • Create an API in 5 Minutes with LoopBack

    Donnerstag, 9. März 2017

    Applications these days need APIs. And let’s face it – to this point, it hasn’t been terribly easy to set them up. LoopBack is an open source Node.js framework built to solve this problem. With LoopBack you can quickly generate powerful end-to-end REST APIs for all of your application data needs.

    In this video, I will show you how simple it is to use Loopback to create a fully functional API architected in Node.js, how you can secure it, and how you can persist your data to MongoDB. That seems like a lot right?

  • Deploying API Connect on AWS with Docker

    Montag, 6. März 2017

    Now that API Connect is available on Docker as a developer preview (read the announcement here: Announcing IBM API Connect on Docker Hub), this means developers can try out API Connect in most places where Docker can run. One such place is on AWS. Below are some helpful steps to run API Connect on AWS:

    Note: Some AWS experience is assumed in these steps, such as familiarity with terms like “EC2”.


  • What is the ROI for API Connect? – Forrester TEI Study Demonstrates Economic Benefits

    Freitag, 24. Februar 2017

    I meet with customers daily that want to talk about APIs and how they can help their business and IT transform.  Many companies intrinsically believe in the value that an API initiative can provide, but often hard calculations of benefits and ROI are required.  Until now we have done case by case analysis since every company’s use cases are different, but somehow I felt we could improve this with a repeatable methodology that is easier to apply.  A solid business case not only helps decision makers come to a conclusion but also assists with other influencers (read procurement) to gain...

  • API Connect Hands-On Lab: Learn how to Create, Manage, and Socialize your APIs!

    Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

    In March 2016, we announced the release of the API Connect platform on IBM Bluemix, a robust API creation and management tool that powers businesses to create modern digital applications. Since the release, the platform has been continuing to evolve as we add a number of new capabilities to the platform.

    To make it easier to master API Connect, we’ve created a hands-on lab to guide you through the process of creating, managing, deploying, securing, and socializing your APIs.

  • Announcing IBM API Connect on Docker Hub

    Samstag, 18. Februar 2017

    We’re excited to announce the official IBM API Connect public Docker repository, a solution to help you streamline and accelerate your organization’s journey into the API economy. By installing IBM API Connect Docker images, you can run a complete IBM API Connect on-premises environment on your local machine.

    Docker is a powerful software platform that automates the deployment of applications inside containers.