Spark Kafka Streaming Java program Word Count using Kafka 0.10 API

Kafka API went through a lot of changes starting Kafka 0.9. Spark Kafka Streaming API also was changed to better support Kafka 0.9. i wanted to try that out so i built this simple Word Count application using Kafka 0.10 API. This blog entry does the same thing but using Scala. You can download the complete application from github You can run this sample by first downloading Kafka 0.10.* from Apache Kafka WebSite, then you can create and start a test topic and send messages to it by following this Kafka Quick start document First thing i did was to include Kafka 0.10 API dependencies for the Spark Project. As you can see i am using Spark 2.1 version Then i did create a file that looks like this. Please take a look at comments inside the code for what i am doing. Now if you create test topic and send messages to it, you should be able to see the wordcount on console