Create ElasticSearch cluster on single machine

I wanted to figure out how to create a multi-node ElasticSearch cluster on single machine. So i followed these instructions

  1. First i did download elasticsearch zip file.
  2. Create 3 folders in /temp like node1, node2 and node3
  3. Unzip in each one of these folders like this
  4. Then i opend the node1/elasticsearch-1.4.2/conf/elasticsearch.yml and i did change value of to sunilscluster and value of to first. I did same in the node2 and node 3 but i did set value of to second and third on node2 and node3 respectively
  5. Next step was to install marvel on each of the nodes by executing bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest
  6. Then i went to each of the directory and did start elasticsearch. When the nodes were coming up i could see messages in the log indicating that the nodes were able to discover each other

Once all 3 nodes were started i could see them in marvel Note: There might be efficient way of doing this in which i could share binaries. I tried creating 3 different elasticsearch.yml and running the elasticsearch server 3 times using elasticsearch -Des.config=/node1/elasticsearch.yml,elasticsearch -Des.config=/node2/elasticsearch.yml but that did not work.