The Benefits of Personalized Content and Targeted Messaging

I have recently started the habit of online shopping. It can be extremely convenient and sometimes presents perks that you do not receive in stores. However, I often abandon my online shopping carts, thinking that I’ll just come back later and complete the transaction.

In my mind once I exit out of the tab on my computer I am done shopping, however this is where retargeting comes in. I am casually browsing on my laptop when those shoes I thought about buying, but didn’t, pop up on the top of my screen. I remember I didn’t initially buy them because I already have too many shoes. The ad points out though, “Here they are and they are on sale!” I click on the ad and am redirected to the site I was on a few days ago.  

Retargeting is a way to personalize content. Instead of irrelevant ads popping up on my browser, my page is filled with ads that are tailored to me. Rather than ignoring them, I pay attention because they are interesting and appealing. Not to mention the fact that now I’m offered a discount for the shoes I almost purchased.  

Companies are given a second chance through retargeting to convert customers. A customer could have temporarily forgotten about an item and it brings them back to the company’s website.  

Businesses take personalized content and retargeting one step further by providing “Recommended for You” ads. These suggestions are based on past searches or purchases. This personalized content helps increase customer loyalty. They are more likely to buy if the content appeals to them and if they have purchased before. Companies must continue to offer tailored ads to attract and retain customers.  

During Day 3 of IBM Digital Experience Europe 2015, attendees were reminded of the importance of personalizing content in order to form a relationship with customers. Analyzing data is a highly stressed priority across companies today; data is a necessity however personalized content is what engages the customer. We are essential in creating compelling content.

Mastering data analytics while personalizing content is the jackpot for customer engagement. Consumers want to feel remembered and expect that companies they are actively engaged with are aware of their likes and dislikes. A session speaker shared a personal story of a hotel chain that she was loyal to. She booked her stay while in Dublin at one of the chain’s locations. However, the company kept targeting her through online ads to book a reservation during the time she had already booked. The company made her insignificant and unknown.

By personalizing your content, responses and engagement rates increase by 85%. IBM Digital Experience gives its customers the ability to personalize their content and user experiences in a relational way.

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